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We are Partnered with SGC Grading to provide a simple submission solution at a Competitive Rate. See the information below to Submit your Cards!

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SGC Grading

How to Submit your Cards:  

  • To Submit your cards, please read, print, and fill out the SGC Submission form above, and mail your cards to this address:

Up North Collectors

339 River St

Manistee, MI 49660

  • Please package your cards carefully, as we are not responsible for any lost packages or damaged cards that are shipped from you to us. 
  • Team Bags, Cardboard, Tape, Bubble Wrap, ect. are all perfectly acceptable and encouraged. 
  • Card Saver 1's are Required for Regular Sized Cards by SGC (100pt-180pt can be sent in a Top Loader). If you do not send your cards in Card Savers, an additional charge of $.50 per card will be added to your order. 
  • If you would prefer to ship your cards via UPS or FedEx to us, please email us so we can make those arrangements. 
  • We do rolling submissions, so as soon as we have 50 cards in total for the 5-10 day level, we send off an order to SGC. We are currently sending out a 100+ Card Submission every single Tuesday! Hopefully moving to two submissions a week soon!
  • As soon as we receive your cards with your submission form, we will send you an email or an Instagram DM with a picture of the cards we received to show confirmation that we received your cards.
  • The Max-Declared Value (which is what your card is estimated to be worth for insurance and replacement purposes by SGC) is $1500 for 5-10 Day Submissions, However SGC does not up-charge for cards 2000-Present (If you send a $100,000 Patrick Mahomes National Treasures RPA you will still pay $14 Flat!!

Pricing & Payment: 

  • Sports Card Grading Cost is $14 per card for the 5-10 day Service Level.
  • TCG Grading Cost is $9 Per Card with a 5-10 Day Service Level.
  • All cards submitted are subject to upcharges by SGC, which you will be responsible for. These upcharges are very uncommon, and only occur with High-End Vintage Cards. 
  • An invoice requiring payment for your grading fee will be sent to you via Email/Instagram DM once your cards have been graded. 
  • You will be responsible for return shipping costs. We ship through UPS, USPS, and FedEx. If you would like your cards to be insured on the way back to you, you will be responsible and billed for the additional cost. 
  • Your Return Shipping Cost will be included in the grading invoice, which will be sent to you after your cards have been graded by SGC. 
  • Payment can be made Via Credit/Debit Card, Paypal, and Venmo. The instructions for payment will be sent in your payment invoice. 
  • Once we receive payment, your cards will ship out to you the next business day. You will also be notified of your grades via a submission video from the submission your cards are included in. Seller-Ready images can also be provided upon request. 
  • If you do not pay your grading fee in 3 months, you will forfeit your cards, and we will retain ownership of them. 

Turnaround Times

  • Currently SGC is grading their 5-10 Day Submissions in about 7 Business Days, so expect your cards back in your hands in about 2 weeks after they are received by SGC. 


  • We offer an Evaluation Service, which costs $2 per card. We will wipe-down the surface with a micro-fiber cloth and examine the card, notifying you of what we expect it to receive. 
  • Please Note: There are no guarantees you will receive the grade that we think it will get. It is just our opinion!
  • Evaluation Grades may be given as a range, for instance (9-9.5) or (9-10) or (8.5-9). 
  • The $2 per card charge will be added to your grading fee invoice, if you choose to utilize it on the Submission form. 
  • If we send you our evaluation results and you decide not to grade some of your cards, those will be returned to you. You will be invoiced for the return shipping and Evaluation Fees. 

Contact Us

  • Have any Questions? Contact us at 
  • Email:
  • Instagram: @up_north_collectors
  • Facebook: @upnorthcollectors1
  • Phone: 231- 887- 4117